I've been a professional musician for 35 years in the southern California area.  My penchant for writing sacred music didn't really manifest itself until I took a composition class at Chapman University in Orange, California, with Dr. Robert Newell way back in 1982.  I had written a few songs and piano pieces prior to my collegiate tenure there, but certainly nothing that would shock the musical world.

It was there that I wrote my very first piece for choir, a motet called Regina Mundi.  For some reason, I found my niche as a composer when I wrote sacred pieces.  Music with sacred text is so powerful and immensely expressive.

I once heard a violinist express his jealousy of people who could sing, stating that there was an inherent limitation in playing an instrument, since string players "...do not have the sublime mechanism of being able to express themselves with  words when they play."  I always thought that was an interesting perspective.

When I'm not involved in things musical, I love to play golf, read and cycle.  I also sing Tenor and play the Organ and Piano.

*I also have a professional quartet that sings for Weddings, Funerals, Masses, and Special Occasions, should you ever need to contract a good ensemble.


Have sung on the soundtracks of 30 films, namely Oscar & Lucinda, Behind Enemy Lines, The Scorpion King, Van Helsing, X-Men: Wolverine, King Kong, IceAge IV, License To Wed, Peter Pan, Despicable Me 2, Horton Hears A Who, Avatar, Godzilla.

•Had my setting of the Ave Maria first sung at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Rome, Italy


•BA in Music, Chapman University, Orange, CA

•Studied privately for two years with legendary film and television composer Hal Johnson.


•Kurzweil PC-88mx

•Logic Pro 9

•Finale 2011

•M-Audio SP-5B Studiophile monitors

•Apple iMac 20"

•Have written Psalm settings that are regularly sung in Abbeys of St. Norbert in the US, Europe and Australia.

Favorite Bands:

•Chicago (during the Peter Cetera period)

•America (beautiful, simple sound and great harmonies)

•Rush (for the sheer musicality of the players)

Classical Favorites:

•Beethoven (Waldstein Sonata, Rondo a Capriccio, Op. 129)

•Brahms (Nänie, C-Major Piano Trio)

•Palestrina, Victoria, Byrd, Cristobal Morales motets

•Roger Quilter (his songs are pure genius, especially his song cycle, To Julia)

•Duruflé Requiem and Quatre Motets

•Vaughan Williams (The Lark Ascending, Mass in G Minor)

•Bach Cantata 147 (The opening movement, for me, is quintessential Bach)

*Many thanks to the Choir of St. James, Los Angeles, CA, for their fine recordings of Virgo Dei Genitrix and Regina Mundi, and to their great director, Jim Buonemani, for his continued support.

And many thanks also to the excellent Founder's Choir, Royal Holloway, University of London, Stephen Salts, Conductor, for their wonderful renditions of the Ave Maria and Adoro te devote.